Jamie Villalobos, Director of Regional Programs

Amelia Stoll, Bilingual Case Manager

Nathan Grey, Case Manager

Angela Keady, Case Manager, Admissions

Joe Hutson, Case Manager

LT Hollis, Case Manager

Fadumo Adan, Case Manager

Sara Baumann, Case Manager

Eliher Meza, Case Manager

Julia Giles, Case Manager

Oumar Ouattara, Case Manager

Kat Austin, Clinical Supervisor

Cody Meyer, MH/SA Counselor

Tracie Smith, Housing and Resources Manager

Diana Cable, Food Bank Coordinator

Guy Quintana, Food Bank Assistant

Joshua Derrig, Occupancy Coordinator

Sara Hoogendyk, Residential Services Coordinator

Andrew Kimmell, Financial Assistant Coordinator

Pat Steimer, Case Manager

Michael Ford, Prevention Services Manager

Rick Garcia, Prevention Coordinator

Madison Unsworth, Prevention Coordinator

Melissa Webb, Case Manager

Carlos Macias, Front Desk/Program Assistant

Lila Serrano-Lopez, Front Desk/Program Assistant


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Regional Council

Dean Gonyea, Chair 

Robyn Dibble

Erik Kintner

Kathryn Farrow

Kip Rasmussen 

Joshua Whittington

Daisy Lee

Nathan Peterson

Victor Tafoya Rodriguez


Board of Directors